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Help us improve Live Mesh!

Help us improve Live Mesh!

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The Live Mesh team is constantly seeking feedback from our customers to help improve Live Mesh. Today we do this primarily through our forums, our blog, and Microsoft Connect, but there are other, often more useful, ways to collect feedback about Live Mesh.

Would you like to help improve the Live Mesh experience? Below are two ways that you can help.

Complete a survey 

We now have an online Customer Satisfaction Survey. Please take a few minutes to let us know how your Live Mesh experience has been.

Enable anonymous data collection

Live Mesh also has a tool that anonymously collects usage data on how the software is (or isn’t) working on customers’ devices. With this tool, we can monitor a variety of data points—such as the frequency of errors, typical network settings, and the reliability of sync—and then aggregate the results to get a picture of how Live Mesh is performing for customers who choose to participate. Learn more about this tool.

This tool is disabled by default because it sends some data about your devices to Microsoft, but you can help us continue to improve Live Mesh by enabling the tool.

To enable this tool, click the Live Mesh icon in the notification area of your Windows taskbar and click your user name. Then click Options, select the checkbox next to “Help us improve Live Mesh…,” and click OK.

Thank you for being one of the first to use Live Mesh. We’re working hard to create the best experience possible, and your help is greatly appreciated!

Thank you, 

The Live Mesh Team

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  • The link to the feedback for says it is unavailable.

  • Live Desktop :

    Need a better Silverlight Media Player  , right now , it just plays one song at a time . we should be able to create play lists and should play fine.

    Also, it should be able to play videos and photo slide shows

  • Feed: Live Mesh Posted on: Wednesday, February 04, 2009 4:14 PM Author: Live Mesh Team Subject: Help

  • It looks like the survey only works with IE. :-(

    I'm using Chrome and it wasn't at all obvious what the problem was.

  • Do you have an idea when the WinMo client will be updated to work flawlessly ? At this stage, I think it's not possible to use it correctly : bad interface, slow, can't sync existing shared folders...

    Please, think a bit more about the WinMo client :)

  • what are the new features coming with live mesh ?

    is the platform open for developers to put all the new apps or millions things that can combine live mesh platoform , windows live networks and azure or for that matter any other services?

    is there any intergration between live mesh and windows live 25gb space ?

  • We'd like to have the posibility to restore any version of ours documents.

  • I would like to see the space expanded to 25G or just integrated with live skydrive. Live mesh is just great boost to my productivity since it does not require administrator rights, I just installed on the office and it works perfectly between office and home pc, remote control of home pc when I am in office. I even have a specific hard drive partition for Mesh (currently 5gb, hope to be bigger some day) Anyway keep the good work..

  • I would consider myself an average mobile user. I love using LiveMesh to sync documents between my Laptop and Netbook an has become the single most convenient program for me for mobility. But the space limitation is a real bummer. If you integrate with skydrive, and extend live mesh to 25gb, then I would be able to keep all my personal documents (exluding music) synced. Excellent work. I can't believe it still carries the Beta tag, considering it does syncing better than any other program out there.

  • Whats the latest version? For about a week I've been getting messages that a new version is available, it upgrades, shutsdown and then prompts me that a new version is available the next day.

    I also don't have options when I click on my name so I can't enable the feedback as per your post.

    My current version is 0.9.3424.5

  • @ Andy Helsby,

    The current version of Live Mesh for Windows is 0.9.3424.14, so it would appear that your software is out of date.  You may wish to visit our support forums for further assistance: http://social.microsoft.com/Forums/en/LiveMesh/threads/

  • Hi,  I have just installed Mac Client version 0.9.3715.831 and I am also still getting application crashes.

    It lets me load the app but the Sign In option is greyed out and after about 3-4 minutes of the program running it crashes.

    Any ideas ?



    # re: Mac Software Hotfix (0.9.3712.831)

    Saturday, January 17, 2009 2:01 PM by Albert Llado

    After updating the application continues to crash.

    (I have now version 0.9.3715.831)

  • I love Live Mesh. I just wish the storage was greater than 5G as I fast approached this limit.

  • What happens when syncronizing two versions of the same file.  For example, when I share a file and the file is being accessed on each respective users hard drive, saved and then Live Mesh syncronizes.

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