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Service Update (March 23, 2009)

Service Update (March 23, 2009)

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The Live Mesh team is pleased to announce that our next update for Live Mesh for Windows is now available. This release contains numerous bug fixes, as well as a few new features. Please see below for details, and thank you for using Live Mesh.


  • Added option to hide the Live Mesh folder shortcuts on your desktop.
  • Live Mesh now remembers the last location used in the folder synchronization dialog.
  • Live Mesh News will now display the date (as well as time) for all news items, even older ones.
  • Curtain mode now properly supports multiple-monitor computers running Windows Vista.


  • Improved the update experience.
  • Fixed display driver issue when disabling curtain mode.
  • Optimized MOE CPU/memory use.
  • Fixes to Live Mesh Remote Desktop performance and rendering.
  • Device status (online/offline) now properly displayed on the Live Desktop, in the notifier, and in the Mesh bar.
  • News now correctly displays the year.
  • Fixed issue where Live Mesh Remote Desktop caused all Windows 7 windows to have black borders.

For those of you keeping track, the new version number is:

  • Live Mesh for Windows: 0.9.3424.31

Windows Vista User Account Control (UAC) reminder

While we no longer require that UAC be turned on when running Live Mesh on Vista SP1, if you initially installed Live Mesh with UAC turned on, and then turned it off, you might have some issues upgrading. Please see “NOTICE: Updating Live Mesh and User Account Control (UAC)” in the Known Issues sticky on the Live Mesh forums for further information.

Thank you for being one of the first to use Live Mesh!

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  • Well, the problem with authenticated proxy still persists...

    Can you fix it?


  • Does the latest update fix the problem where updates to Live Mesh restart my entire taskbar?

  • Works great, I'm glad to see the updates flowing!  Thanks!

  • The Live Mesh remote desktop does not work in Vista with IE8 installed.

  • Yes!  You fixed the problem with max CPU usage during uploads.  Now the CPU usage is negligible as it should be.  Thank you!

  • The Live Mesh remote desktop does not work in Vista Enterprise 64-bit with IE8 installed. Browser crashes

  • Hi,  I remote into a desktop with two monitors.  Before the update one of the monitors was disabled and one I remoted in I only saw one screen.  Now after the update I have to manual unattach one of the screens.  Is this expected behavior?  

  • Great updates! But i second L.F.Houghton  suggestion: ***I desperately need more space***! Please merge Mesh with Skydrive or at least expand the storage space, please! I also wish I could delete subfolders from live desktop, since I created a useless one and i cant delete it. Anyways, good work.

  • Yeah I cannot use mesh anymore now too.  I have two monitors at home.  I used to remote into my home computer from my laptop using mesh.  Whenever I try to disable one of the monitor the remote desktop program locks up, I get a blank screen, and then when the screen comes back I have one second to click "ok" to accept the screen change.  I have tried 4 times and then I just gave up.

    Time to find something else now :\

  • Mesh quickly consumes all available disk space on drive C.  It is maintaining a copy of the files it needs to sync in:

    C:\Users\[user]\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Live Mesh\GacBase\HoldingArea

    I have 15 GB free on C normally but I won't be able to use Mesh since it consumes it all.

  • An increase in the amount of storage would be really nice. It would be cool if Skydrive, Mesh, and Workspace used the same cloud storage space. I use all three services and this would benefit me greatly!

  • Hi, If it is not there already, an option not to synchronize a sub folder would be very useful.

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