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Version Update for Windows (May 11, 2009)

Version Update for Windows (May 11, 2009)

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Live Mesh for Windows 0.9.4014.4 has been released.  No action is required on your part, Live Mesh will automatically update on its own.  This release contains numerous bug fixes. Please see below for details, and thank you for using Live Mesh. 

Version Number

·         Live Mesh for Windows: 0.9.4014.4


·         Updated date/time stamp UI for news events

·         Added news events for permission level changes to folders

·         Fixed UI for folder permissions in Firefox 3.0, IE8, and Safari

·         Fixed general IE8 compatibility issues

·         Improved performance and functionality for large file uploads


Thank you for using Live Mesh.  We’re working hard to create the best experience and appreciate any comments you have.  Please send your feedback on how Live Mesh can be improved, or send anonymous feedback here.  Also, if you have a moment, please rate Live Mesh.


Thank you,
The Live Mesh team

  • Thanks guys.

    I hope CPU usage has been reduced. I love Mesh but it's hard to use it on a weak (2 GHz) CPU!

    Keep up the good work!

  • Good stuff, the update worked fine for me on a couple of computers, a Win 7 RC netbook and my work Vista machine.

    Question, though: In the file sync options, is there a reason why I'm only able to choose "When files are added or modified" or "Never with this device"? The other three options are always grayed out for me.

  • And the resolve conflicts dialog is still a mess on Windows 7. Come on, is it really that hard to fix. And even if it is, then at least mention it in your post. It seems that you won't even recognize the fact that issue exists.

  • Great stuff. Using it every day. Now an essential part of my work!

  • mmmm.

    "Could not open Live Desktop.  Could not find the URL for the Live Desktop."

    Have reinstalled and re-started but this update has definitely messed something up for me.

    I'll raise a bug.

  • Regarding the Win7 conflict dialog box; we're currently working on a fix.  As soon as it is included in a release we'll announce it.

  • Got questions?  The blog is a great place to get all the latest news regarding Live Mesh.  However, if you have questions we highly recommend the Live Mesh Forums.  Likewise, if you have a bug or suggestion, please use our Live Mesh Feedback tool.

    Live Mesh Feedback:


    Live Mesh Forums:


  • Hello Live Mesh team , I am  a happy user of Live Mesh... Its a great work you guys are doing.... Keep the new features coming.... Kudos :)

  • Would it be possible to keep the installer (exe) files on mesh.com up to date? You still offer an outdated build which then has to be updated to this new one... uncool.


  • Hi,

    could you please add an option "Don't synchronize on battery?" I mean on laptop computers - because I don't need 100% sync but I need high battery lifetime and if I work on my laptop, mesh is still syncing and with the high CPU usage is problem.....

  • More space, please. 5GB too small.

    Why not merge the 25GB skydrive + 5GB Mesh into 30GB shared?

  • Have suggestions on how to improve Live Mesh?  We'd love to hear them!  Please send in your suggestions by using the Live Mesh Suggestion Form available at https://connect.microsoft.com/content/content.aspx?SiteID=425&ContentID=11403.  Also, please take a moment to review and rate the existing suggestions.  Thanks for improving Live Mesh!

  • Hello, thx for this stuff.

    When the drag'n'drop is coming? I use Mesh on my personal laptop and on a computer on which I can't install Mesh so this feature sounds pretty cool for me.

  • Drag and drop is currently available for Mesh Live Desktop (requires installing the Live Desktop enhancements).  Live Mesh can be installed at www.mesh.com.  Additional information regarding Mesh can be found at http://connect.microsoft.com/livemesh.

  • Beta?  My grad school seminar doesn't think so!  They thought I was a geek until they tried it.  Now, they use it as if it's a natural extension of their lives.  It's just there, like their cell phones.  

    I am slightly kidding, and understand there are still issues, but it needs to be publicized more.

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