May, 2013

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    Getting started with C++

    How does one get started with C++? Where should an aspiring developer start? What books should they read? These are some questions that do the rounds of many developers who want to dip their toes in the magical world of C++. This post is an attempt to...
  • My Idle Timeouts

    A short interview on Why is C++ still the answer?

    Preemptive snarky comment: What is the question? J A few weeks back the awesome folks from the Microsoft Careers group and I had a short conversation about my book, how I ended up in the technology world and why I strongly believe that C++ is still the...
  • My Idle Timeouts

    Modern C++ and Windows Store apps giveaway – An update

    I wanted to provide a quick update on the winning responses so far to book contest I have announced a few weeks back. I am humbled by the responses I have received so far. The winning responses, from the mails I have received until now are: “I am...
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