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  • Blog Post: Submissions for CppCon now open

    Hello, Submissions for CppCon are now open. Please head over to to make a submission. I have blogged earlier about this and I reiterate. If you are using C++ in any form, then this is the conference to attend and/or share you knowledge with fellow peers from around the...
  • Blog Post: Registration for CppCon is now open

    Full text of the announcement from Opening Keynote by Bjarne StroustrupSeptember 7–12, 2014Bellevue, Washington, USA Registration is now open for CppCon 2014 to be held September 7–12, 2014 at the Meydenbauer Center in Bellevue, Washington, USA. The conference will start with the keynote...
  • Blog Post: Using resumable functions in the CxxReadFileComponent sample

    Hello, Welcome back from holidays. A few weeks ago, I posted a note about updating the samples of my book to the November CTP of Visual C++. The main goal behind the update is to move away from using PPL tasks for WinRT asynchronous programming and instead use the new resumable functions available in...
  • Blog Post: How To: Use XAML and DirectX with C++ and create a compelling Windows Store app

    One of the great benefits of using C++ to write Windows Store apps is the ability to mix and match various components and create compelling user experiences. There are a variety of apps that use XAML and DirectX together and have built delightful user experiences. For example, there is the FreshPaint...
  • Blog Post: Power savings and performance benefits of writing code using C++

    I get a few questions my way on an almost daily basis about how writing code using C++ results in savings in power consumption and other performance benefits. In this regard, I defer to the experts (Bjarne, Sutter etc) who explain these concepts with much more clarity and authority. So here you go: http...
  • Blog Post: The Windows Store opportunity for C++ developers

    One of my colleagues sent this statement my way and I quote him “The advent of Windows Store combines a great app-development infrastructure with a reach of 250 million people and counting. This is a great opportunity for seasoned and new app developers alike. While Microsoft has published great...
  • Blog Post: Two copies remaining

    With less than two weeks to go for //BUILD 2013, I still have two copies of my book “Modern C++ and Windows Store apps” waiting to be given away. Follow the rules listed here and send me a mail. -Sridhar
  • Blog Post: Getting started with C++

    How does one get started with C++? Where should an aspiring developer start? What books should they read? These are some questions that do the rounds of many developers who want to dip their toes in the magical world of C++. This post is an attempt to address some of the questions while also trying ...
  • Blog Post: A short interview on Why is C++ still the answer?

    Preemptive snarky comment: What is the question? J A few weeks back the awesome folks from the Microsoft Careers group and I had a short conversation about my book, how I ended up in the technology world and why I strongly believe that C++ is still the answer to some of the big challenges we [...]
  • Blog Post: Modern C++ and Windows Store apps giveaway

    BUILD 2013 is 9 weeks away. In anticipation of BUILD 2013, I am listing a giveaway for my book, “Modern C++ and Windows Store apps”. Every week leading to the BUILD 2013 conference, I will give out a copy of my book. Sounds interesting? Want a copy? Getting a copy is easy. All you have [...
  • Blog Post: Modern C++ and Windows Store Apps – A book about Modern C++ and native technologies

    Over the past few months, I have been writing a book on developing apps using C++ and the various native technologies shipping as part of the Windows 8 wave. Some of these technologies include: C++11, C++ /CX, native XAML, the Windows Runtime, C++AMP, Windows Azure Mobile Services etc. I am happy to...
  • Blog Post: The power and flexibility of C++ or why you should write C++ apps for Windows 8 and beyond :-)

    Last Friday, the C++ team in Redmond released source code for “Project Austin” a skunk works project that is essentially a note taking app. Check out the team’s announcement blog here. This app is one great example of the power of C++ allowing you to code in a largely ISO-C++ code base and then interface...
  • Blog Post: Running the Ocean Simulation AMP sample on the NVidia GeForce GTX 550Ti

    As mentioned earlier, I upgraded my home machine GPU to a NVidia GeForce GTX 550Ti recently. I setup a USB hard disk with Win8 and Windows To Go (WTG) and took time today to test AMP performance on this setup. I built the Ocean simulation AMP sample available here in Release mode and launched the [....
  • Blog Post: C++ AMP contest

    Beyond3D announced a contest calling for developers to implement a program using C++ AMP. Head over the their announcement site for more details and fine print.   Good luck to all participants!
  • Blog Post: Using JSON and C++ in Windows 8 Apps

    The LiveSDK team has a bunch of exciting samples demonstrating using JavaScript along with HTML, C# with XAML to build apps that integrate Live services. Sadly however, a full blown C++ sample is missing from the lot as I write this today. Last week I built a proof of concept …
  • Blog Post: Inside Auto vectorization in the C++ compiler

    Jim Radigan from the C++ team is now in Channel9 explaining, in a series of videos, how the auto vectorization just works.  
  • Blog Post: Targeting Windows XP with C++ in Visual Studio 2012

    Support for targeting Windows XP with C++ in Visual Studio 2012 is coming. Steve Teixeira from the VC team has a post detailing the reasons, availability etc here
  • Blog Post: LINQ for C/C++: It is coming and it is true

    the full link is here   Enjoy!
  • Blog Post: Want to work on the C++ team at Microsoft? VC is hiring!!!

    With the C++ Renaissance in full swing at Microsoft, the Visual C++ team is looking to hire folks who are passionate about native code and are interested in working on the next version of the toolset. Head over to their blog on MSDN here for the full announcement as well …
  • Blog Post: Unit testing support for native apps in Visual Studio 11

    Visual Studio 11 includes support for unit testing native code. This support is provided via an in-built, shipping in the box, brand new C++ unit testing framework. No need to take a dependency on the “/clr” switch anymore to write … Continue reading →
  • Blog Post: Reflection in the native Windows Runtime

    If the Windows Runtime has all sorts of metadata information on classes, types, interfaces etc, could a developer implement Reflection for native types? James McNellis has done just that. He has coded up a reflection library for native types. Just … Continue reading →
  • Blog Post: C++ Uninterrupted streaming live on Channel 9

    head over to and have fun!!!
  • Blog Post: [Updated URL]:Live Streaming of the Developing Windows 8 Metro apps on Channel 9

    Live Streaming link at I will be tuned in for the entire event. I would encourage all C++ developers to watch the event online, if you cannot make it to Redmond. These are exciting times for C++ developers with...
  • Blog Post: Developing Metro style apps using C++: Free event in Redmond, live streaming on Channel 9 starting shortly

    Re-posting…. From the page, , the Visual C++ team is conducting a free, day long, event in Redmond, on May 18, 2012. The registration is currently full, but the team intends to stream the event Live...
  • Blog Post: Introducing Project Hilo for Windows 8

    Hilo is a series of articles and tutorials describing how to develop applications for the Windows platform. Hilo made its debut just after Windows 7 was released and information on Hilo for Windows 7 can be found here. Now it … Continue reading →
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