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  • Blog Post: The Windows 8.1 PDF API and innovations from the ecosystem

    It feels good when you work with a feature team (Dev/Test/PM) and bring a new system to life. In Windows 8.1, I worked with a great team of developers and testers to add a new API family to the Windows Runtime. These are the new PDF APIs for supporting rendering of PDF content in Windows […]
  • Blog Post: What’s new in XAML for Windows 8.1?

    //BUILD 2013 concluded last week and there was a ton of stuff to assimilate. I will attempt to summarize a few important changes for C++/XAML/DirectX developers in this blog post., focusing exclusively on the XAML/DirectX Interop scenarios. If you are interested in knowing what is new with just the XAML...
  • Blog Post: A getting started template for creating XAML/DX apps using C++ and the SwapChainBackgroundPanel

    This post comes courtesy of Wayne Ransier. Start a XAML/C++ project in Visual Studio 2012 with the default Blank Template and replace the generated <Grid> element with a <SwapChainBackgroundPanel> <SwapChainBackgroundPanel x:Name="DXSwapChainPanel"> </SwapChainBackgroundPanel>...
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