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  • Blog Post: Moving on from Microsoft and my next steps…

      I have an announcement to make. I sent this mail over to my colleagues at Microsoft last week. Hi, After nearly 8 years with Microsoft wearing different hats, as a Consultant and a PM, it is time for me to move on to my next challenge. I am leaving MS to chase my startup […]
  • Blog Post: Announcing BUILD 2012

    Registration opens at 8AM on 8/8 so please mark your calendars. This year, the event is at the Microsoft Campus in Redmond, WA. More on the announcement here
  • Blog Post: Using “Windows 8 on a USB”

    I want to share my experience of running Windows 8 on a USB drive. This supported feature, dubbed, “Windows To Go” or WTG provides users of enterprise SKUs an option to run Windows 8 off a USB drive on a host computer that has Windows 7 (it could be any OS AFIAK.). Initial disclaimer: My [...]
  • Blog Post: Filing income tax returns online if you are in India

    I will take a small de-tour today from my regular blogging schedule on all things WinRT and C++. This post is all about filing your tax returns if you are working in India or need to file your tax returns in India. Beginning this year, all individuals who have an income over INR 10,00,000 should [.....
  • Blog Post: Time to upgrade PC Graphics card?

    I recently began writing the 4th chapter of my upcoming book on “Developing Windows 8 Applications using Microsoft C++”. The 4th chapter is all about concurrency and AMP. As I continue writing and developing samples, I noticed that all the samples are running under WARP (an emulator, for short). This...
  • Blog Post: Mentoring summer interns building Metro style apps

    I spent time at office today working with some of our summer interns. These interns are at the Microsoft Campus in Hyderabad and today was an opportunity for them to build Metro style apps. This is the first time most of them are introduced to the various APIs that make …
  • Blog Post: 10 years of Trustworthy computing

    Just realized that it is 10 years since Bill Gates sent the memo on Trustworthy computing. Jeffrey Schwartz summarizes the journey over the past decade
  • Blog Post: Update on blog maintenance

    This past weekend I completed the blog maintenance as I mentioned earlier. I moved my domain registrar, migrated from a free blog to a hosted instance of wordpress by my new hosting provider. Finally I moved over all of … Continue reading →
  • Blog Post: Upcoming Blog maintenance

    I have been thinking of moving from a free wordpress blog, which is what my blog is currently, to a self hosted wordpress blog. I will be trying the move this weekend. While I will try my best to keep … Continue reading →
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