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  • Blog Post: My C++ articles for MSDN Magazine

    How does C++ fit in the “all in the cloud” meme we hear non-stop these days? Are C++ developers staring at a scenario where we need to use other languages just to connect to the “cloud” and consume web services? If you are increasingly staring at this scenario and wondering what...
  • Blog Post: Continuing on Modern C++ and building connected apps

    Hi, In my book, “Modern C++ and Windows Store apps”, I attempted to provide an overview of how a developer could consume various native technologies and build differentiated application experiences in Windows Store apps. As the work on the book was completed, I began contemplating how to...
  • Blog Post: It’s time to move away from Turbo C++

    You might be surprised to hear that a good number of colleges (at least in India) still rely on using the ages old Turbo C++ package to teach aspiring students C++. With a new language standard and great library support, it is now time to bid goodbye to Turbo C++. I answered a few questions [...]
  • Blog Post: C++ for non-C++ developers

    Some of us folks who have been coding using C++ have never left the C++ fold as other languages have come into vogue and gone out of fashion. We did take an occasional peek and try to understand what the hoopla over a new programming language was all about, and made efforts to learn concepts [...]
  • Blog Post: Book Review : Getting Started with Windows 8 Apps

    I picked up the “Getting Started with Windows 8 Apps” by Ben Dewey recently, as part of the O’Reilly Blogger Review Program  and wanted to provide a quick review of the book here. The book is primarily targeted at existing .NET developers who want to jumpstart their sojourn with building Windows...
  • Blog Post: C++ Windows Store apps and Windows Azure Mobile Services

    I had promised earlier that I will blog about using C++ /CX and Windows Azure Mobile Services to develop Windows Store apps. Today is the big day Before you begin In order to successfully build Metro-style apps that communicate with Windows Azure Mobile Services, you should obtain the Mobile Services...
  • Blog Post: Nice article on improving futures and callbacks in C++

    Artur Laksberg from the Visual C++ team has a good post on Dr.Dobbs. Head over to the post here and enjoy!!
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