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  • Blog Post: Will there be an update for “Modern C++ and Windows Store apps” for Windows 8.1?

    With Windows 8.1 now released as a Consumer Preview enabling developers to try out and begin building apps for the new Operating System, I wanted to let folks know if there is an updated version of my book, “Modern C++ and Windows Store apps” under development. When I began contemplating writing a book...
  • Blog Post: Multi-touch drawing in Windows Store apps using C++ and DirectX

    Windows 8 introduces input via multiple touch points. In the DrawIt sample of my book “Modern C++ and Windows Store apps”, I show how to add free form drawing on a XAML SwapChainBackgroundPanel using either touch, mouse or pen inputs. The sample restricted input to a single pointer i.e. you...
  • Blog Post: The Windows Store opportunity for C++ developers

    One of my colleagues sent this statement my way and I quote him “The advent of Windows Store combines a great app-development infrastructure with a reach of 250 million people and counting. This is a great opportunity for seasoned and new app developers alike. While Microsoft has published great...
  • Blog Post: Two copies remaining

    With less than two weeks to go for //BUILD 2013, I still have two copies of my book “Modern C++ and Windows Store apps” waiting to be given away. Follow the rules listed here and send me a mail. -Sridhar
  • Blog Post: Modern C++ and Windows Store apps giveaway

    BUILD 2013 is 9 weeks away. In anticipation of BUILD 2013, I am listing a giveaway for my book, “Modern C++ and Windows Store apps”. Every week leading to the BUILD 2013 conference, I will give out a copy of my book. Sounds interesting? Want a copy? Getting a copy is easy. All you have [...
  • Blog Post: Purchase Modern C++ and Windows Store apps in India

    Hi, Wanted to provide a quick update on the availability of my book, “Modern C++ and Windows Store apps”, in India. Get the eBook in Adobe PDF: Get the paperback edition:...
  • Blog Post: Modern C++ and Windows Store Apps – A book about Modern C++ and native technologies

    Over the past few months, I have been writing a book on developing apps using C++ and the various native technologies shipping as part of the Windows 8 wave. Some of these technologies include: C++11, C++ /CX, native XAML, the Windows Runtime, C++AMP, Windows Azure Mobile Services etc. I am happy to...
  • Blog Post: Windows Azure Mobile Services is now available

    If you want to connect a scalable cloud backend for your Windows 8 Apps, check out the just announced Windows Azure Mobile Services. Here are some useful links to get started: 1. 2.
  • Blog Post: Wanna be part of the world’s largest AppFest?

    I will be traveling to Bangalore and will be present at the event which will be conducted on Sep 21-22, 2012. Bring forth your ideas, coding and design skills, learn to develop Windows 8 Apps, have fun and get a chance to network with your peers from the industry. More details at
  • Blog Post: Release Preview edition of Programming Windows, 6th Edition is now available

    The 6th Edition of Programming Windows, updated for the Release Preview of Windows 8 is now available. Here are useful links, both for procuring the book as well as the companion content. Release Preview edition of Programming Windows, Sixth Edition available tomorrow Update on companion content for...
  • Blog Post: Windows 8 and VS2012 now available

    If you are a MSDN subscriber, the bits are now available for download. Enjoy!!!
  • Blog Post: Windows 8 hits RTM

    Steven Sinofsky blogged the announcement a few minutes back on the “Building Windows 8” blog. Next stop: General Availability on Oct 26, 2012!!! -Sridhar
  • Blog Post: Windows 8 to be available on….

    Oct 26, 2012. Source: The Windowsteamblog here
  • Blog Post: Windows 8 coming this October; RTM on track for August

    Microsoft just announced that Windows 8 will hit the stores this October. This means you will get shiny new hardware (aka the Microsoft Surface and the likes) beginning this October. Enterprise customers with Software Assurance will get access to the bits sometime in August this year. Head over to the...
  • Blog Post: Using JSON and C++ in Windows 8 Apps

    The LiveSDK team has a bunch of exciting samples demonstrating using JavaScript along with HTML, C# with XAML to build apps that integrate Live services. Sadly however, a full blown C++ sample is missing from the lot as I write this today. Last week I built a proof of concept …
  • Blog Post: Interested in developing for Windows RT?

    If you are interested in developing for Windows RT (and who are not?), here are a few useful links to get started. Steven Sinofsky’s blog post on “Building Windows for the ARM processor architecture” A channel 9 Video from Jason Zander, Corp VP of Visual Studio Both the above posts …
  • Blog Post: Windows 8 Release Preview now available

    The Windows team announced the availability of the Windows 8 Release Preview. Download your copy here
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