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  • Blog Post: Using resumable functions in the CxxReadFileComponent sample

    Hello, Welcome back from holidays. A few weeks ago, I posted a note about updating the samples of my book to the November CTP of Visual C++. The main goal behind the update is to move away from using PPL tasks for WinRT asynchronous programming and instead use the new resumable functions available in...
  • Blog Post: Tip of the day: Using Constants in WinRT

    This tip comes courtesy of a question asked on an internal discussion list. Deon from the C++ team provided the answer. WinRT does not support constants. This means you cannot have code such as the following in C++ /CX: public ref class FooClass sealed { public: const int FooValue = 42; } How does one...
  • Blog Post: Purchase Modern C++ and Windows Store apps in India

    Hi, Wanted to provide a quick update on the availability of my book, “Modern C++ and Windows Store apps”, in India. Get the eBook in Adobe PDF: Get the paperback edition:...
  • Blog Post: Modern C++ and Windows Store Apps – A book about Modern C++ and native technologies

    Over the past few months, I have been writing a book on developing apps using C++ and the various native technologies shipping as part of the Windows 8 wave. Some of these technologies include: C++11, C++ /CX, native XAML, the Windows Runtime, C++AMP, Windows Azure Mobile Services etc. I am happy to...
  • Blog Post: The power and flexibility of C++ or why you should write C++ apps for Windows 8 and beyond :-)

    Last Friday, the C++ team in Redmond released source code for “Project Austin” a skunk works project that is essentially a note taking app. Check out the team’s announcement blog here. This app is one great example of the power of C++ allowing you to code in a largely ISO-C++ code base and then interface...
  • Blog Post: Programming Windows 8 Applications using C++ /CX–An update on the book

    I have been thinking of providing an update on the status of my work on authoring “Programming Windows 8 Applications using Microsoft Visual C++”. Today marks a good time for a teaser As announced earlier, there are 6 chapters and I am almost done with 4 chapters along with samples that explain the finer...
  • Blog Post: Using JSON and C++ in Windows 8 Apps

    The LiveSDK team has a bunch of exciting samples demonstrating using JavaScript along with HTML, C# with XAML to build apps that integrate Live services. Sadly however, a full blown C++ sample is missing from the lot as I write this today. Last week I built a proof of concept …
  • Blog Post: Announcement: Book on C++ /Cx and Metro style app development

    Hi I am happy to announce an upcoming book on C++ /Cx and Metro style app development. This book is currently in the works and will be published by Microsoft Press. I present a brief list of topics that are … Continue reading →
  • Blog Post: Implementing an IValueConverter in C++ /Cx for Data Binding

    To create a value converter, we create a class that implements the IValueConverter interface and then implement the Convert and (optionally) the ConvertBack methods. Converters can change data from one type to another, translate data based on cultural info, or … Continue reading →
  • Blog Post: Reflection in the native Windows Runtime

    If the Windows Runtime has all sorts of metadata information on classes, types, interfaces etc, could a developer implement Reflection for native types? James McNellis has done just that. He has coded up a reflection library for native types. Just … Continue reading →
  • Blog Post: C++ Uninterrupted streaming live on Channel 9

    head over to and have fun!!!
  • Blog Post: Programming Windows Sixth Edition is coming!!!

    Charles Petzold is back with “Programming Windows Sixth Edition”, updated for Windows 8. The book focuses on programming Windows 8 Apps using C# and XAML. Microsoft Press is offering an amazing deal on the upcoming book. Head over to
  • Blog Post: [Updated URL]:Live Streaming of the Developing Windows 8 Metro apps on Channel 9

    Live Streaming link at I will be tuned in for the entire event. I would encourage all C++ developers to watch the event online, if you cannot make it to Redmond. These are exciting times for C++ developers with...
  • Blog Post: Developing Metro style apps using C++: Free event in Redmond, live streaming on Channel 9 starting shortly

    Re-posting…. From the page, , the Visual C++ team is conducting a free, day long, event in Redmond, on May 18, 2012. The registration is currently full, but the team intends to stream the event Live...
  • Blog Post: Introducing Project Hilo for Windows 8

    Hilo is a series of articles and tutorials describing how to develop applications for the Windows platform. Hilo made its debut just after Windows 7 was released and information on Hilo for Windows 7 can be found here. Now it … Continue reading →
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