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  • Blog Post: How To: Use XAML and DirectX with C++ and create a compelling Windows Store app

    One of the great benefits of using C++ to write Windows Store apps is the ability to mix and match various components and create compelling user experiences. There are a variety of apps that use XAML and DirectX together and have built delightful user experiences. For example, there is the FreshPaint...
  • Blog Post: Will there be an update for “Modern C++ and Windows Store apps” for Windows 8.1?

    With Windows 8.1 now released as a Consumer Preview enabling developers to try out and begin building apps for the new Operating System, I wanted to let folks know if there is an updated version of my book, “Modern C++ and Windows Store apps” under development. When I began contemplating writing a book...
  • Blog Post: What’s new in XAML for Windows 8.1?

    //BUILD 2013 concluded last week and there was a ton of stuff to assimilate. I will attempt to summarize a few important changes for C++/XAML/DirectX developers in this blog post., focusing exclusively on the XAML/DirectX Interop scenarios. If you are interested in knowing what is new with just the XAML...
  • Blog Post: A getting started template for creating XAML/DX apps using C++ and the SwapChainBackgroundPanel

    This post comes courtesy of Wayne Ransier. Start a XAML/C++ project in Visual Studio 2012 with the default Blank Template and replace the generated <Grid> element with a <SwapChainBackgroundPanel> <SwapChainBackgroundPanel x:Name="DXSwapChainPanel"> </SwapChainBackgroundPanel>...
  • Blog Post: Purchase Modern C++ and Windows Store apps in India

    Hi, Wanted to provide a quick update on the availability of my book, “Modern C++ and Windows Store apps”, in India. Get the eBook in Adobe PDF: Get the paperback edition:...
  • Blog Post: Modern C++ and Windows Store Apps – A book about Modern C++ and native technologies

    Over the past few months, I have been writing a book on developing apps using C++ and the various native technologies shipping as part of the Windows 8 wave. Some of these technologies include: C++11, C++ /CX, native XAML, the Windows Runtime, C++AMP, Windows Azure Mobile Services etc. I am happy to...
  • Blog Post: Binding WebView directly to Html Content using C++ /CX

    This post is inspired by Tim Heuer’s Html Source extension property that uses the WebView’s NavigateToString method to bind webview directly to Html Content. Tim’s code is written using C#. I wanted a C++ version of the same for one of my sample projects and here it is. Feel free to use it in your [...
  • Blog Post: A great way to spend the weekend

    If you get excited about technology and learning new things, here is an update on my learning activity this past weekend. Learn XAML and programming XAML using C++ /Cx. With the C++ Renaissance in full swing at Microsoft and in the industry, I could not use “just” XAML but became more interested in what...
  • Blog Post: Writing C++ /CX code to generate XAML UI

    Quite often I get asked a very simple question: Can I skip using XAML for creating the User Interface for my app and use C++ instead? The answer is yes you can, but the bigger question is: why do you want to go down that route? I guess, to each …
  • Blog Post: Programming Windows Sixth Edition – Last day to get a great deal

    Reposting… Charles Petzold is back with “Programming Windows Sixth Edition”, updated for Windows 8. The book focuses on programming Windows 8 Apps using C# and XAML. Microsoft Press is offering an amazing deal on the upcoming book. Head over to
  • Blog Post: Whitepaper on Performance tips for Metro style XAML apps is now available

    Head over to the download site here to download the whitepaper and learn how you can tune your Metro style XAML apps. Enjoy!!
  • Blog Post: Announcement: Book on C++ /Cx and Metro style app development

    Hi I am happy to announce an upcoming book on C++ /Cx and Metro style app development. This book is currently in the works and will be published by Microsoft Press. I present a brief list of topics that are … Continue reading →
  • Blog Post: Hello World from XAML and C++ /CX

    We have previously explored how to write a Hello World console application using C++ /CX. Today we will develop a Hello World Application using XAML. Our Hello World app will have a simple XAML Button. Clicking the Button displays the … Continue reading →
  • Blog Post: Implementing an IValueConverter in C++ /Cx for Data Binding

    To create a value converter, we create a class that implements the IValueConverter interface and then implement the Convert and (optionally) the ConvertBack methods. Converters can change data from one type to another, translate data based on cultural info, or … Continue reading →
  • Blog Post: C++ Uninterrupted streaming live on Channel 9

    head over to and have fun!!!
  • Blog Post: Programming Windows Sixth Edition is coming!!!

    Charles Petzold is back with “Programming Windows Sixth Edition”, updated for Windows 8. The book focuses on programming Windows 8 Apps using C# and XAML. Microsoft Press is offering an amazing deal on the upcoming book. Head over to
  • Blog Post: [Updated URL]:Live Streaming of the Developing Windows 8 Metro apps on Channel 9

    Live Streaming link at I will be tuned in for the entire event. I would encourage all C++ developers to watch the event online, if you cannot make it to Redmond. These are exciting times for C++ developers with...
  • Blog Post: Developing Metro style apps using C++: Free event in Redmond, live streaming on Channel 9 starting shortly

    Re-posting…. From the page, , the Visual C++ team is conducting a free, day long, event in Redmond, on May 18, 2012. The registration is currently full, but the team intends to stream the event Live...
  • Blog Post: Introducing Project Hilo for Windows 8

    Hilo is a series of articles and tutorials describing how to develop applications for the Windows platform. Hilo made its debut just after Windows 7 was released and information on Hilo for Windows 7 can be found here. Now it … Continue reading →
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