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September, 2005

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    Experience the power of XAML :)


    So the PDC is over and from what I see and hear .... Its been a smashing HIT!!! Hip Hip Hooray!!

    One really good resource to get your hands dirty with Windows Presentation Foundation is the guided Tour by Tim Sneath. ....

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    PDC bytes...

    Enjoy the PDC bytes!!
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    A simple RSS reader - the Avalon Way ;)

    This is the PDC week... yoohoooo!!! So expect better things ... and you'll get them!!! Its been a tight week with me busy trying to get things settled down... mmm .. yeah I am buying a house....So having heaps of papers before me... aahhh!!! that reminds me of onemore thing to do... But before i leave lets put a small sample here.. Ok ... now i was thinking of making a simple RSS Reader.... so here goes... the foundation aka software is the same as the last time... How does it look like... Feast you eyes!! Lets begin with the code: -------------------------------------------------------------------------- My App.xaml Same as before -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Window1...
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