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June, 2006

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    WPF: Adding speller to custom context menu

    One of the interesting features in Editing is the speller and it works really well. :) One of the ineteresting scenarios when it comes to speller is to add the speller choices to a custom context menu. The speller choices would have to be added in the ContextMenuOpening event handler as below: spellingError = textBox.GetSpellingError(caretIndex); if (spellingError != null ) { foreach ( string str in spellingError.Suggestions) { MenuItem mi = new MenuItem(); mi.Header = str; mi.FontWeight = FontWeights.Bold; mi.Command = EditingCommands.CorrectSpellingError; mi.CommandParameter = str; mi.CommandTarget = textBox; textBox.ContextMenu.Items.Insert(cmdIndex, mi); cmdIndex++; } Separator separatorMenuItem1 = new Separator(); textBox.ContextMenu.Items...
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    Finding default styles of WPF controls

    One of the common queries that is asked is regarding getting the default styles of the controls. Now if you are using EID ( Expression Interactive Designer ) then this is simple. Open EID > create a control instance on the page from the library palette > right click > Edit Style > Copy of the Style btw WinFX is now part of .NET Framework 3.0. Check out the announcement here
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    Vista beta2 download now no longer limited to MSDN subscribers

    Vista is now publicly available for download. http://www.microsoft.com/windowsvista/getready/preview.mspx Earlier last month, the release was available to a limited number of testers. Now its available for everyone to experience the richness and clarity that Vista presents.
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    Rotating 3D earth in WPF

    3D stuff in WPF is cool aint it? Last week I was playing around with some more 3D stuff and I came up with this rotating globe. The code is attached along with the pics of earth and saturn :). It basically consists of a mesh on which the pic is used as a DiffuseMaterial brush. The rotation is performed by animating the angle on the rotationTransform. Mess around with the code and you could come up with some nice configurations :)
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