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XamlPadX v2

XamlPadX v2

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Season's greetings guys :) Hope your Christmas was great. Ok so before we go into the next year I thought I'll take a look at XamlPadX since it will get a bit tough to spend some time on it in the next year. So XamlpadX v2 looks like:

New features:
1> Line numbers in the Editing box
2> Written xaml can now be indented automatically(Ctrl I or right click and click on the menu item)
3> Closing tags are automatically generated (Note that it doesnt look forward while generating the closing tag. This is to keep it as simple as possible)
    So if you have something like <A </A> and then type in the '>' after the first A you will end up with <A></A></A>.
4> Theres an Open/Save File menu for opening/saving the xaml from/in different locations
5> A snazzy splash screen :)
6> Vista-ish app icon

The exe is attached (unfortunately xamlpad code is not yet public). However, I will soon be posting some of the features (like the color picker) as independent tools with the code. :). Also bear in mind that the exe runs faster after the first run (during which some resources are saved in the local folder). 

Have fun and Happy New Year.

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