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March, 2007

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    Xaml FlowDoc to XPS

    Feng Yuan has a nice blog post on how to convert FlowDocuments to an XPS document with the header. The code is in the form of a wrapper class so its gonna be handy. I tried out the code on a RichTextBox and it worked like a charm J I reused one of my old samples and it looks great :) ... The sample code is attached . (PS: Do make a point a read the original post for code specific details) Share this post
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    WPF/E video carousel

    Wpf/e is coming out nicely… I tried out a video carousel and it came out really great. Take a look below Clicking on the video brings up the video enlarged. Clicking this video closes the large size video and the its back to choosing :)... The code is attached . Have fun!! Share this post
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    Smalltalk sessions in a XBAP

    Xbaps are just multiplying by the day... Just came across this interesting xbap which runs VistaSmalltalk sessions. Its got a nice usage of popups. http://vistascript.net/vistascript/vsb/Vsb.xbap Share this post
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    Sample form using listview

    Recently I was clearing up my documents and I came across this sample I made. Thought it might be useful to someone out there and here it is. It’s basically something like a form but which dynamically grows as and when you fill up the rows. So the typical ‘Add New Row’ button is missing. J … Red (more like pink) rows indicate values being empty; green being obvious. :) .. Typically, you would be using a combobox instead of the textbox. It would result in a better perf experience. The code is simple using a listview which is bound to the data. This might look very familiar to Product Studio if you have used it ;) Code is attached Share this post
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    BitmapSource-Bitmap interop

    Recently I was trying my hand at a rough image editing scenario and one of the things was changing into gray scale, brightness and so forth. If you have played with .NET 2.0 you get quite a few functions which help in these types of operations and it would be nice shifting Images to Bitmaps and vice versa. As luck would have it, Robert had posted some code on this in the forums. To get the Bitmap you would have to call CopyPixels on the BitmapSource and convert it to a Bitmap- transformedBitmapSource.CopyPixels(bits, stride, 0); unsafe { fixed ( byte * pBits = bits) { IntPtr ptr = new IntPtr (pBits); System.Drawing. Bitmap bitmap = new System.Drawing. Bitmap ( width,height,stride, System.Drawing.Imaging. PixelFormat...
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    Listening to DependencyProperty changes

    Dependency property is a pretty kewl concept. You got to agree on that J . One the nice features is the ability to listen to the changes in these properties and I tend to use it a lot. The SDK way would be to derive from the control, override the dependencyproperty metadata and specify the propertychangedCallback in the signature. Hmmm… pretty cumbersome you would say. public class MyTextBox : TextBox { public MyTextBox(): base () { } static MyTextBox() { FlowDirectionProperty.OverrideMetadata( typeof ( MyTextBox ), new FrameworkPropertyMetadata ( new PropertyChangedCallback (FlowDirectionPropertyChanged))); } private static void FlowDirectionPropertyChanged( DependencyObject sender, DependencyPropertyChangedEventArgs...
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