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April, 2007

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    Update: XamlPadX v2.5

    I was pleasantly surprised by the response I got for the last update of the tool. Along with the feedback I got a few bugs... ahh the bugs ... so went about fixing them ... Got a couple of new features too. :) If you have noticed above, theres a System Tray option to minimize to the systray. Now it wont occupy any additional space - its in the sys tray. By default, its not enabled. The other thing that I added is the send to command interpreter option in the Property tree view. One thing to note here is that sometimes the node higher up the tree is passed. For instance, if you send the Height property of a TextBox to the command interpreter it will send the textbox instance. The reasoning here is that the user wants to modify the Height...
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    Expression Blend available on MSDN

    Expression Web and Blend will be available to all MSDN premium subscribers. yooohooo .... More power to users ....The following is the excerpt from Somasegar's blog: " I am pleased to say that we will be making Expression Web available starting today to all MSDN Premium subscribers. We will also make Expression Blend available to MSDN Premium subscribers shortly after the Expression Studio release later in Q2 2007...... The decision extends to all MSDN Premium subscribers, including those with Visual Studio Professional and Visual Studio Team Edition’s. For customers that have premium subscriptions to Visual Studio Team Suite, we will be making the entire Expression Studio available to them." Cheers Share this post
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    Microsoft SilverLight announced

    Heard about SilverLight … it was announced today by Microsoft at the National Association of Broadcasters(NAB) conference. So what is it – “ Silverlight is a cross-browser, cross-platform plug-in for delivering the next generation of media experiences and rich interactive applications (RIAs) for the Web .” ... btw for those of you wondering, this was formerly known as WPF/E... so no more confusion with WPF ... For more info follow the links below: Silverlight Product Site Silverlight Virtual Pressroom Silverlight Community Site Ain't that logo sweet :) Share this post
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