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Updated WpfPerf.msi

Updated WpfPerf.msi

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I got a couple of mail regarding the performance tools... The good news is that the Windows SDK which was released a week ago has the updated WPF perf tools. WPFperf.msi comes as part of the SDK.

 You would have to uninstall previous versions of the msi before installing the updated version.

  • I do not wish to install the 3.5 SDK.  Are the updated tools available as a separate msi for .Net 3.0?

  • Steve, unfortunately the only way to get it is by donwloading the SDK..

  • I wonder what's minimally required to make the new tools work.  I downloaded the full SDK, but extracted just the WinSDKNetFxTools* files from the ISO image and ran that MSI.  That left a wpfperf.msi in the Bin directory, so I ran that, which put some files in c:\Program Files\WPF Performance Suite, including WpfPerf.exe, but when I run it it crashes.  It depends on WpfPerformanceDiagnostics.dll, which did not get installed in that directory.  One wonders if all the pieces parts are actually there.


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