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June, 2007

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    Nifty Silverlight game

    Came across this nice little Silverlight game.... Give it a shot... heres the link Share this post
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    Maps integrated into Live Search

    Live Search has now integrated maps into the search itself.. so now if you type in an address you get a map at the top of the search which is interactive... ain't that sweet Search: 156th ave redmond Search: traffic redmond Search : map Fom the Virtual earth blog : Enter the word “Map” and Live Search will try to automatically determine your current city and show you a map of your surrounding area Similarly, the words “Traffic” or “Commute” will show you’re the current traffic conditions around your area if available. Share this post
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    WpfPerf tools now available as a msi

    A couple of weeks ago I had posted an entry about the WPF perf tools being part of the SDK.. One of the readers asked for a separate installable since the SDK is huge and downloading the SDK just for the perf tools really didnt make sense... So we listened, and the WPF perf tools are now available as a separate installable .. Download: x86 and x64 versions Share this post
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    Back to the Future @TechEd 2007

    Now this is pretty funny... Watch the video that was played at the start of the keynote address at TechEd 2007 Video: Microsoft Back to the Future Share this post
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    WPF Blog Writer

    Recently, I was trying my hand at creating a simple blog writer. The writer came out pretty nice. The app makes use of a base richEditor control (thanks to Praj ).. After a bit of tweaking it ended up like the above... So the app just makes a simple call in the xaml <custom:RichEditor/> ...tada ... you have it there!!! The next thing is to write to a blog... In this case, the writer is coded to post the entry on blogger, which makes use of the Google data API .. this could easily be changed for other blogs. It also makes use of a Xaml-HTML converter as the string passed needs to be in HTML. For now, its a blog writer - hence, it onluy writes. But it could easily be extended into a full blown Blog client. Do I hear anyone taking...
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