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July, 2007

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    WPF Balloon comments :)

    Pavan has a nice post on creating baloon comments. The first thing that comes to mind on seeing the balloon comments is Comics. And guess what! thats exactly what I tried.. and presto You can get the original source code here . It overlooks positioning the arrows coming out of the comment boxes - this is a minor detail and I added a dependency property for this purpose. The update code is attached . As for the usage: < custom:BalloonDecorator Background = "Pink " PointerLength = " 30 " CornerRadius = " 5 " CornerPosition = " Right" .... /> Share this post
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    Classic Menu Addin for Office 2007

    The office ribbon UI is very successful in highlighting all the hidden features. However, people very accustomed to the menu UI sometimes find it to be a big mountain to climb when it comes to using this UI. Trying to ease this transition is the RibbonCustomizer which provides the ClassicUI as a tab in the ribbon. The download provides a free version which does exactly this... More ribbon customization comes with a price :) .. It clearly shows why the new UI is better... Share this post
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    3.5 released with many features!!!

    You can now download Visual studio 2008 Beta2 and .Net 3.5 Beta 2. The link is here So whats new in 3.5 - Support for Addins - Xbaps now run in FoerFox - Cookies can be shared between XBAP's and Web Apps - Better support for binding to BindingList coll and LINQ - new UIElement3D, ContainerUIElement3D, ModelUIElement3D classes which make 3D stuff easy - Place 2D elements on 3D using Viewport2DVisual3D - RichTextBox has embedded elements enabled (IsDocumentEnabled property) - IME support has improved. Filtering text in IME is now a well suported scenario - and many other features... btw, i'll try posting a few samples with these bits in a few days :) Share this post
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    One more kewl Animation XBAP

    came across this xbap from Denis Dolfus . Its got some kewl animation and evasion techniques. Check it out here Share this post
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