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August, 2007

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    3.5 features: Viewport2DVisual3D

    Viewport2DVisual3D .... this new feature makes things a lot easier in the 3D world.. What this enables is putting interactive 2D on 3D. This makes things like having a textbox in 3D a breeze... < Viewport2DVisual3D x:Name = " vp2d_multiple_children " Geometry = " {StaticResource mesh} " > < Viewport2DVisual3D.Material > < DiffuseMaterial Viewport2DVisual3D.IsVisualHostMaterial = " True " Brush = " White " /> </ Viewport2DVisual3D.Material > <TextBox /> </ Viewport2DVisual3D > One other thing is mapping 3D points to 2D is so much more easier... Earlier on I had a post on mapping a mouseclick on a 3d model to a 2d coordinate. This involved using some barycentric coordinates and such....
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    3.5 Features: Enabled hyperlinks in RichTextBox

    hmmm... that was one often requested feature. So to enable hyperlinks in RichTextBox all that is needed is to set the property IsDocumentEnabled on the RichTextBox. Type the following in XamlPadX and you have the hyperlink navigation working. < RichTextBox IsDocumentEnabled = " True " xmlns = ' http://schemas.microsoft.com/winfx/2006/xaml/presentation ' xmlns:x = ' http://schemas.microsoft.com/winfx/2006/xaml ' > < FlowDocument > < Paragraph > < Hyperlink NavigateUri = " http://club.live.com " > Live Games </ Hyperlink > </ Paragraph > </ FlowDocument > </ RichTextBox > A couple of things to notice here: 1> The Navigation is possible only on a Ctrl Click operation...
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    3.5 features: Addins

    In 3.0, we received a number of queries regarding creating plugins. So in 3.5 we got this in .. :) .. Creating an adding would bsically need the use of 3 dlls - System.Addin, System.Addin.Contract, System.Presentation The basic steps to create the addins involves creating a contract, then create the corresponding views and adapsters for both the host and the addin. So in total you will be creating 5 dlls in addition to the app and the actual addin. Even though this looks a bit overwhelming, its pretty simple. http://blogs.msdn.com/clraddins/ gives more information about creating addins. In order to try out this framework, I added the addin support to blogpad with the host being able to set text in the addins... So the app basically...
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    Live search in a Silverlight avatar

    Try out tafiti.com ... Not heard of it... its a new search site from Microsoft which provides Live search results in a Silverlight interface... The site is in beta but it shows the power of Silverlight.. You would need to install the Release candidate of silverlight to get it running... Check it out Share this post
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    3.5 features: Filtering text with IME languages

    So 3.5 beta2 is out and it has quite a lot of features. So one of them is the filtering mechanism for IME languages. This was not a problem in the english and other non-IME languages. The problems were the events associated with IME input - TextInputStart/Update/input... A major concern was that it was not possible to determine where the composition took place. Now all these issues have been fixed and filtering in these languages is a breeze. I came up with a sample calculator with the filtered IME textbox which shows how the filtering is done for IME languages. If you go through the code, you will notice that min max positions of the composition are tracked in the events to determine the correct caret position after the filter is applied. ...
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