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September, 2007

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    Windows Live translator

    Heya, one of the requests that I often get is if I could provide a translated version of my blog. Thats going to be difficult considering that my proficiency in these languages is minimal if not nil :) ... but wait, Windows live has this nice translator functionality which does exactly the same. Now the image below is the Spanish version of my latest post.. I am not sure as to its accuracy but it does seem to do quite a bit of translation As for the Windows live site. http://translator.start.com/ Type in the address of the website and voila, you have it translated. The languges listed currently are spanish, french, german, chinese, italian, and japanese.
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    Testing using WPF UI automation

    One question that often pops up among WPF app developers is UI testing... WPF enables this scenario through a new accessibility framework. Some useful resources from mdeavey's post Overview Using UI Automation UI Spy Stress Test using UI Automation (new link : here ) Unit Testing WPF controls with Automation Peers Instantiating a WPF control from an NUnit test Adding UI Automation support to a custom control .NET UI Automation Extension for Automation Testing Share this post
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