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March, 2008

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    Xbaps using Cookies

    Earlier on I had written an app, BlogPadm which was fulltrust and the writer used Google Data API to write the content to Blogger.com. However, when you create an xbap version of it, a problem arises in that you cannot make WebRequests outside site of origin and hence, the xbap version of the above failed to take off. The workaround is to create a webservice at the site of origin so that the calls are forwarded. However, the focus of this app was to test cookies. So I hosted a blog server and had the blogwriter at the site of origin. So the flow is something like this: http://MainSite/Login.aspx à http://blogsite/blogwriter.xbap à http://blogsite/postentry.aspx The communication between the asp pages and the xbap is through cookies...
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    Creating a Media Center PC

    Ivo has posted a nice entry on creating a Media Center PC... One thing nice is that it lists problems with solutions .. ahh!! thats a lifesaver... Check it out.... It does put an end to the DVR problems of recording the same shows multiple times and what not :) .. Share this post
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    Split Button\Menu Item\Automation

    I got a couple of queries from the readers asking if I could provide a slightly non-trivial sample of using automation. So I created a split button user control which looks something like this If there are no items then you get a checkable button. The items are created in a popup and are generated on demand. This makes the automation a bit interesting. As you can see the control supports 3 patterns – · Invoke (for the button) · ExpandCollapse (for the drop down) · Toggle (for the checkable option) – This is just for demo purposes You will need to specify this in the GetPattern function which overrides the one in the base AutomationPeer. The other function that you might want to override is GetChildrenCore in case...
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