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GPU based effects

GPU based effects

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A hot new feature in 3.5 SP1 is GPU based effect. Greg Schechter has has a series of posts on this topic. Its well worth the read. So head over :)

  • GPU-accelerated custom Effects for WPF
  • Using Effects in WPF (Part 2)
  • More details on how Effects work
  • Writing custom GPU-based Effects for WPF
  • A simple Effect sample project and ClickOnce application
  • Writing custom Effects - adding parameters to Effects

    Video: wpf graphics
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    • Greg Schechter's posts are very handy, for there isn't currently many documentation about those new features. I've wrote a simple tutorial on my blog for french developpers. I'm also going to release a post on an interesting bump-mapping effect using 3.5 SP1 (bypassing its limits, for the beta theorically doesn't allow multi input effects).

    • Superp new stuff!! ... will the samples be available?...will there be more documentation?

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