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September, 2008

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    Xaml Coding guidelines

    While we have comes across a number of Coding guidelines, there is hardly any guidance wrt writing Xaml. Recently, I was pointed to Paul Stovell's post on Xaml coding guidelines and it is indeed an interesting post. Its a pretty nice list of Xaml coding guidelines. Take a look Share this post
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    Analyzing complex code

    Quite often you come across some complex code, and the first thing you think of is "is there a diagram which lays this out?". .NET Reflector and its large set of plugins do help in this aspect and one of the plugins that is like is the SequenceViz, which gives you sequence diagrams in SVG format. This is in alpha, so be prepared for crashes. :). I use it with Inkscape which allows you the ability to edit the SVG files. Bit of a pain, you would say. hmmm.... However, recently i got a chance to play around with NDepend , a static analysis tool. It has a lot of functionality and it does its job well. The one thing I like about this tool is the graph that it shows for the dependencies. And not just that, you can use the cql language (which is...
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