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May, 2009

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    Download M-V-VM Project Template/Toolkit

    Aha!!! Isnt that what we were all waiting for.. You can get this from here This has been created by the WPF team. So be assured that its good quality... In addition the toolkit includes: · A Visual Studio 2008 template (Visual C# Express 2008 also supported) · Documentation o General introduction to M-V-VM o Walkthrough using the VS template · A complete WPF application demonstrating the MVVM pattern Got feedback.. Send it to us!! :) Have fun Share this post
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    WF\WPF sample using System.Xaml

    Check out the WF/WPF integraion sample using the System.Xaml stack. " The sample demonstrates how to create an application that uses Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) features in a single XAML document. To accomplish this, the sample uses Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) and XAML extensibility." To download the sample, click here Share this post
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    Download VS2010\.NET Framework 4.0

    So we have all been awaiting this... For now, MSDN subscribers can get these downloads here If you dont have a descrition, its out on Wednesday. WIll put up the links here once they are out. Check the page later :) The following links will be live after 10 AM PST: Visual Studio Pro Visual Studio Team System .NET Framework Some snapshots to get you excited while you download :) ... btw, we have been working on the new Xaml stack which comes with this download. So would love to hear feedback More of these on Jason Zanders blog Share this post
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