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June, 2009

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    WPF Localization Guidance Doc

    Localization of WPF apps has always been a tricky issue... Theres now a loc doc that can help you in localizing your apps. Its a pretty long doc but is very informational. Do read it and provide feedback. http://wpflocalization.codeplex.com/Release/ProjectReleases.aspx?ReleaseId=29389 Share this post
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    System.Xaml: Method calls from Xaml

    Xaml is awesome. I am hearing lot of "yeah"s... So have you tried out the new System.Xaml stack in .NET 4.0. If you havent give it a shot. It new and improved ... One of the guys on the Xaml team is Shree and I finally got him to write a post on System.Xaml... Bet you'll see more of him. So have fun reading his post below ... Rob blogged about Referencing a Named Object in XAML2009 . It opens up interesting scenarios like using markup extension to call a method on a named object. Yup, you heard it right. Method calls from XAML. But not exactly... You will have to write code to do it J We are talking about XAML like, < School Topper ="{ Call students .GetTopper}" >… where students is a named object and GetTopper is...
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    Bing goes Live!!

    You can now search using Bing. For Tips and Tricks using Bing, follow this link Share this post
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