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September, 2009

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    Migrating Winforms to WPF (links to Info)

    Recently, I got a question whether there was any any information for migrating from Winforms to WPF. I put together a few links that might be helpful. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms753178.aspx http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms747270.aspx http://blogs.windowsclient.net/rob_relyea/archive/2008/04/03/guidance-for-migrating-an-app-from-windows-forms-to-wpf.aspx http://windowsclient.net/learn/integration.aspx http://windowsclient.net/wpf/white-papers/when-to-adopt-wpf.aspx http://www.ythos.net/pdfs/EvolvingDotNet35Apps.pdf http://wf2wpf.codeplex.com/ If you have any other links\experiences to add, please ping me or add them as comments. Share this post
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    System.Xaml: IAmbientPropertyProvider Sample

    Another post from Shree :) In my last post I showed an sample using IXamlNameResolver service provider. In this post I will introduce you to another new service provider in System.Xaml, the IAmbientPropertyProvider. IAmbientPropertyProvider enables access to ambient properties (marked with Ambient attribute) in the object tree under construction. Assume that there is a Family type which is a collection of Person objects and both Family and Person have a Name property. Also assume that we want to specify the family name once in the Family object and have it automatically appended to all Person objects under the Family. In the following XAML we want FullName markup extension to get the last name from the name of the family object and...
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    WPF WebBrowser - Awesome!!

    Just came back from vacation, which was great. Going through the blog posts i missed, I saw the WPF browser app which I thought you should definitely take a look. Its a mix of the Google Chromium project, (a wrapper called Awesomium ) and a WPF. The source code is also available - so makes for some nice reading :) Original link Share this post
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