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New WPF Features: PixelShader3 Support

New WPF Features: PixelShader3 Support

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This is part of a series on New WPF Features  

Previously WPF only supported Pixel Shader 2.0 (PS 2.0). For this release, we added PS 3.0 support providing the benefits of more instructions, registers ....

The usage is similar as before. However, we have provided an API to determine if the shader can be run on the machine. The API’s are self-explanatory

·         RenderCapability.IsPixelShaderVersionSupported(majorversion,minorVersion)

·         RenderCapability. IsPixelShaderVersionSupportedInSoftware (majorversion,minorVersion)

·         RenderCapability. MaxPixelShaderInstructionSlots(majorversion,minorVersion)



(snapshot of app on a PS2.0 supported machine)


Sample project attached.

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