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August, 2010

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    Using RibbonGallery Control

    The Ribbon Control is a pretty big control owing to the complexity of the Ribbon design guidelines. You can give it a try by downloading from LINK While there are several things to blog about, this post will focus on RibbonGallery. The download provides a sample that covers all features by implementing the Office Ribbon. This post will trim the sample to focus specifically on the RibbonGallery usage To whet our appetite, the dropdown of both the controls are RibbonGallery controls The gallery can be hosted in the following Ribbon Controls: § RibbonMenuButton § RibbonSplitButton § RibbonComboBox § RibbonMenuItem § RibbonSplitMenuItem § RibbonApplicationMenuItem § RibbonApplicationSplitMenuItem...
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    Zoomable Canvas Control

    Kael has a nice series on the Zoomable Canvas control The usage is something like < ListBox.ItemsPanel > < ItemsPanelTemplate > < ZoomableCanvas Loaded ="ZoomableCanvas_Loaded" RealizationLimit ="1000" RealizationRate ="10" RealizationPriority ="Background"/> </ ItemsPanelTemplate > </ ListBox.ItemsPanel > ( Move the Slider right to see it in action ) (this is an xbap in an iframe. Would require IE\FireFox with .NET4 on your machine) Slide the slider right to populate the canvas. You can zoomin\out using the mouse scroll. Share this post
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    Xaml Toolkit: Manipulation of Xaml


    One of the interesting things you could easily do with the Xaml Toolkit is manipulation of Xaml. For example, in the case of XamlPadX, if we copy pasted xaml from a WPF application, it wouldnt render because of events, unknown members and so forth. We would need to extract these members in order to make the xaml render. Using the Xaml Toolkit, its pretty simple.

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    WPF Ribbon Basics


    So you have Ribbon, Menu, RibbonTab, and then the Ribbon Group. When you create a new Ribbon application, you get this wireframe ready – so its easy to start.

    You got the group – lets populate it. If you look at the Xaml, the Ribbon controls have a SmallImageResource and a LargeImageResource property. This enables the ribbon to use the appropriate image when resizing. Each control can also have rich tooltips by setting the following properties

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    Ribbon Control Design Time Experience


    The Ribbon Control is now available to the public for download. If you havent taken a look yet, would definitely recommend it.

    A neat thing about this release is that it includes a design time plugin to VS. So out of the box you have a template in VS, when creating a new project

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    Running Xaml FXCop rules in FXCop GUI

    So one of the uses of the XamlToolkit is to write FXCop rules for XAML. We provide the Microsoft.Tools.Xaml.FxCop.dll which has some inbuilt XAML rules that you can try out. You could also write new ones by referencing this dll. One of the queries I got in response to my previous post was how do i get the rules running. So here go the steps Step1 : Install FxCop Step2 : Update FxCop.exe.config (this is located at %ProgramFiles(x86)%\ Microsoft FxCop 1.36 ) to run on .NET 4 Add the following at the bottom of the file just before the </configuration> tag < startup > < supportedRuntime version ="v4.0"/> </ startup > Step3 : Open FxCop.exe (this is located at %ProgramFiles(x86)%\ Microsoft...
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