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  • Blog Post: Running Xaml FXCop rules in FXCop GUI

    So one of the uses of the XamlToolkit is to write FXCop rules for XAML. We provide the Microsoft.Tools.Xaml.FxCop.dll which has some inbuilt XAML rules that you can try out. You could also write new ones by referencing this dll. One of the queries I got in response to my previous post was how do i...
  • Blog Post: Xaml Fxcop Rules Using Xaml Toolkit

    Xaml Toolkit ... ding ding ding... if you heard and tried it..woohoo!!. If not, please go and give it a spin : Xaml Toolkit One of the nice things that you can do with it is write XAML FXCop rules. Now there has been a common ask of getting FXCop running on Xaml. Currently VS doesnt support this;...
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