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  • Blog Post: MVVM Links\Info

    Putting this as a placeholder post for interesting links associated with MVVM. Informational Links http://blogs.msdn.com/johngossman/archive/2005/10/08/478683.aspx http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MVVM -- This has links to several other articles that are very useful http://msdn...
  • Blog Post: CoreMVVM - now on Codeplex

    After the last post , got quite a few requests to put it on Codeplex. So here it goes : http://coremvvm.codeplex.com/ Share this post
  • Blog Post: CoreMVVM: A basic MVVM framework

    CoreMVVM download (for those in a hurry :) ) The MVVM Toolkit is a pretty barebones template for MVVM and is a good place to start with if you are new to this pattern. Over time, as i played around with this toolkit, the library grew in size. Its been useful for me - so i thought i might as well share...
  • Blog Post: Download M-V-VM Project Template/Toolkit

    Aha!!! Isnt that what we were all waiting for.. You can get this from here This has been created by the WPF team. So be assured that its good quality... In addition the toolkit includes: · A Visual Studio 2008 template (Visual C# Express 2008 also supported) · Documentation o General...
  • Blog Post: ViewModels in MVVM: CLR objects vs. DependencyObjects

    Came across Kents post on this topic that provides a strong case for the use of CLR objects for view Models. The post is on the longer side but is an interesting read. :) ... Good one to read in your coffee break. LINK Share this post
  • Blog Post: MVVM Screencasts

    If you are interested in using MVVM architecture for your applications you should defintely take a look at the screencasts made available on Josh's site . Implementing Model-View-ViewModel in WPF Implementing Model-View-ViewModel in Silverlight Implementing MVVM & Exploring UX Design Patterns...
  • Blog Post: WPF App: Sonic

    Did you check out Sonic... Its a pretty complex mp3 player by Sacha that "allows the users to specify the users music location(s) (Via App.Config) and then use some funky LINQ/IQueryProvider magic to work out what MP3s are available, and the use the ID3 tag information to store the file metadata in SQL...
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