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  • Blog Post: System.Xaml: Method calls from Xaml

    Xaml is awesome. I am hearing lot of "yeah"s... So have you tried out the new System.Xaml stack in .NET 4.0. If you havent give it a shot. It new and improved ... One of the guys on the Xaml team is Shree and I finally got him to write a post on System.Xaml... Bet you'll see more of him. So have fun...
  • Blog Post: WF\WPF sample using System.Xaml

    Check out the WF/WPF integraion sample using the System.Xaml stack. " The sample demonstrates how to create an application that uses Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) features in a single XAML document. To accomplish this, the sample uses Windows Workflow Foundation...
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