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  • Blog Post: XamlPadX 4.0

    So I finally got a chance to update XamlpadX and heres the new version. Whats new. The UI has been revamped to give the Blend sorta look. Menus have been rearranged to maximize the space. New addins: Clipboard viewer - which works well for analyzing rtf/xaml ... Path Designer...
  • Blog Post: Creating Addins for XamlPadX

    I got a few queries after releasing XamlPadX v3 regarding creating addins for the tool. So here is a small post on it. :) Create a customControlLibrary project. Add a reference to the AddInView dll present in the XamlPadX folder which is located in the program files folder. Also add a reference to...
  • Blog Post: XamlPadX V3.0

    So I finally got some time to upgrade XamlPadX... One of the things that I really wanted to add was the plugin support and here you have it. So now users can create their own addins which will plug into xamlpadX. Addin developers can use 3 functionalities of XamlPadX: void ChangeAppBackground(...
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