The Live Meeting Service is localized for 8 languages including English. There are many strings that will only accept ASCII characters (like password and userID). However, there are other strings that will accept non-ASCII characters.

The Live Meeting Manager web interface allows you to enter non-ASCII characters where they are supported.The Live Meeting XML API requires a different encoding for non-ASCII characters.  The encoding expected by the APIs has the from &#xHHHH; where 'H' is a hexadecimal digit. This encoding can be used for single-byte or multi-byte characters. The hexadecimal value for the character can vary depending on the character set used to display that character.

The following options are allowed to contain non-ASCII characters.

  • billing
  • company
  • firstName
  • infoA
  • infoP
  • lastName
  • lobbyMessage
  • opaque1
  • opaque2
  • seatLabelBlue
  • seatLabelGreen
  • seatLabelPurple
  • seatLabelRed
  • seatLabelYellow
  • seatPrompt
  • title
  • userName

Here are some example name with example encodings:

Name                        XML encoding
Göktug Oguz                 Göktug Oguz
József Kránitz              József Kránitz
José Saraiva                José Saraiva
Francisco Javier Castrejón  Francisco Javier Castrejón
Stefan Rißling              Stefan Rißling
Kálmán Béres                Kálmán Béres
Ralf Riethmüller            Ralf Riethmüller
Anders B. Skjønaa           Anders B. Skjønaa

API Example

<PlaceWareConfCenter authUser="apiuser" authPassword="Pa$$w0rd">

<ModifyUserRequest userID="jkranitz">


<StringOption name="firstName" value="J&#xF3;zsef" />

<StringOption name="lastName" value="Kr&#xE1;nitz" />




For more information about XML character encoding, see the following documentation:

Extensible Markup Language (XML) 1.0 (Third Edition)
Section 2.2 Characters

Sean D. Wheeler
Escalation Team Lead
Microsoft Office Live Meeting