The updated API guide for Service Release 3 of the 2007 Live Meeting Service is now available via the Live Meeting Developer Center on MSDN.  The most substantial change in this release is the addition of Easy Assist.  Easy Assist is a simple and powerful tool for remote support scenarios.  At its core is a lightweight client that can be quickly installed on an end users machine.  This client allows a support agent to take control of the end users desktop, enabling quick troubleshooting and resolution of issues.  The Microsoft support organization has been using this tool for a while now, so if you have called our support group you may have already come across Easy Assist.  I have seen it in action a couple of times and I was very impressed.


Easy Assist is available to all LiveMeeting Professional customers, and as of today is deployed to most if not all conference centers.  Easy Assist sessions are scheduled through the same API’s as regular Live Meeting sessions.  They are differentiated by setting the tag option with the value “_EA”.  A handfull of new options were added at the meeting and user levels for supporting Easy Assist.  As usual we have designed the changes so that well behaving applications will not be affected.  I have included an excerpt of the new API guide which has more details of the change.