Something funny happened to us today at the Speaker's Corner, The Domain in Sydney. We were looking for an opportune place to watch the bats fly off from the Botanical Gardens, when we came across a Speaker's Corner.

Being from a country where free speech means singing in the toilet while taking your bath, you can imagine my surprise when we stood there for 10 minutes listening to an old speaker standing on a blue plastic crate shouting away about Zionist, Arabs, Capitalism etc etc (free speech mind you) till the point where they were having a heated arguement about who's the most powerful organization in the world. Amongsts all the replies such as the Vatican, Zionist etc.. comes a word we recognize in a heartbeat... "Microsoft!"

You can imagine what happened next, our eyes went WIDE open, and hands automatically went down to our blue badges to make sure it's hidden from view, and looked at each other with raised eyebrows.

What a Golden moment.


(Incidentally, I think this is a GREAT idea for an activity in our next event. Having free speech stands that anyone can say anything about Microsoft or Technology in general. Good way for us to collect honest feedback.)