The patterns and practices group has just announced the Community Tech Preview of the Mobile Client Software Factory for Windows Mobile Enterprise Application Development. You can download the bits here :

read up about the MCSF at this URL :

The Mobile Client Software Factory contains the following:

Introduction to the Mobile Client Software Factory." This provides a vocabulary and framework that the remaining documentation uses to describe the mobile client architecture.

  • "Mobile Client SF Application Blocks." This provides a thorough description of common, reusable building blocks inspired in popular desktop application blocks like the Composite UI Application Block and Enterprise Library; and other more specific ones like the Orientation Aware Control Application Block.
  • "Patterns." This introduces patterns that provide solutions to common mobile client design, implementation, and deployment challenges.
  • "Quick Starts Examples." Simple, introductory, step-by-step instructions to build a mobile application using the Compact Composite UI Application Block.
  • "Reference Implementation." This describes the requirements, architecture, and implementation of the AdventureWorks2Go reference implementation.
  • Reference implementation. The reference implementation is an executable sample application that demonstrates the mobile client guidance in action. You can use the reference implementation to learn how the factory's deliverables are applied, or you can use it to copy code or concepts into your applications.
  • Guidance package. The Mobile Client Development Package automates development activities that developers would usually have to manually perform frequently by following a series of instructions. It helps developers build smart client solutions in a way consistent with the architecture guidance.

I will be covering this topic in more detail at our MEDC Keynotes Worldwide and a Breakout Session at the MEDC EMEA event happening in 2 days time.