They don't tell you that you're never confirmed a seat, just confirmed to have a registration on the flight.

they don't tell you the seat number is not printed and you need to get your seat assigned at the gate.

the old hag called Arlene at the gate said they should have told you about this, shoved a legal disclaimer go my face and basically said FO and leave me alone i'm busy. super bad customer service.

and they over book flights which causes customer DSAT every single day. How can a company get away with this? customer DSAT is a serious thing and they treat it like a daily affair.

i'm so glad i'm working for Microsoft. we react to DSAT like its the plague and fix it.

i'm flying NorthWest exclusively now. i'm saying No to our travel policy. i cannot comply to rules that benefit a company like that.

irked to death.