I like stuff like this. It cuts through all the Marketing FUD that other companies use against Microsoft. Although, everyone claims Microsoft is the king of FUD, but from all the meetings, conferences and gatherings i've been too, the other companies do this all the time, whereas internally within Microsoft, we are instructed to take the high-road and talk about facts.

That is why our mantra is demo, demo, demo. we go all out to show you how our technology is superior and better than our competitors. Obviously, there are times where we will lose and that is the time where we learn and make changes to our product to address the issue.

I think this is a great resource that not only shows you features side by side, but it's also a great learning piece for Existing Dreamweaver customers to learn about Visual Studio for what it is, and not what other say it is.

Watch the videos here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/vstudio/products/compare...