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Just some interesting stuff from my tour in Microsoft.

September, 2006

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Interesting stuff within MIcrosoft

I'll try to give you an inside look at what goes on in Microsoft as I continue to build my career in this company.



  • Backstage @ Robotics

    A Holiday Treat - RC Galore

    and the pundits say Vista won't ship . Jim Alchin just sent a mail out internally and to the beta testers worldwide that Windows Vista RC1 is officially done (vista_5600.16384.060829-2230). You can read the letter on the Windows Vista Team Blog . Folks...
  • Backstage @ Robotics

    Mel talks about Resolution Independence

    It's the biggest challenge for Mobile Developers today, yet, very few know it's not that hard to fix. Mel's latest post talks about how simple it can be for developers to build resolution independent applications, IF they want to do it. Many don't bother...
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