We've gotten numerous requests especially from bandwidth challenged countries about on-line streaming videos and webcasts. Although webcasts work well mostly in the US and Europe, the experience is never good in other parts of the world. I used to be from Malaysia and even when the govt claims broadband is pervasive and available everywhere, the real throughput is less than desirable and we almost never adopt Webcasts or Live Online Streaming Videos as a method of communication.

I guess that's one of the reasons why BitTorrent is so popular versus streaming movies. We'd rather wait for the full video to be downloaded and have an uninterrupted experience watching them.

On that note, after looking at all our Windows Mobile Developer content, I discovered that we have a LOT of webcasts that we've done the past year. We run a weekly webcast on MSDN. And all these webcasts are usually viewed live and once they're over, they're archived as On-Demand webcasts but the usage is low.

Now we're embarking on a project to have all these webcasts burnt on a DVD and have it orderable online by anyone who wishes to view them without having to have a big pipe.

Let us know if this is a good idea. I think it is!