Are you a corporate developer? do you build line-of-business (LOB) applications? preferably those that run on Windows Mobile? If you are, I'm looking for some feedback on a 4-day lab that we're building to provide technical readiness / instruction for building LOB applications that has a client that runs on Windows Mobile that accesses some backend enterprise system, eg. SAP, Siebel, Dynamics etc.

Here's the very basic outline of the Lab.

  • Mobile LOB Apps
    • Introduction to development, scenarios and platform overview
    • User Experience / Data / Connectivity challenges
  • Visual Studio for Devices
    • Emulator Technology
    • IDE and Debugging
    • SDKs and APIs
  • Deployment
    • Strategies and tools
  • Managed Code Development
    • .NETCF 2.0
    • WM5 Managed APIs
  • Data Strategies
    • Data Storage and Sync Strategies
    • SQL Everywhere Optimization and Merge
  • P&P MCSF (Mobile Client Software Factory)
    • Data Access, Sync and Web Services & Disconnected Service Agent Blocks
    • Mobile Component Application Block (CAB)
    • Dependency Injection & Object Builder
    • Event Broker, Optimization tools
    • Orientation Aware Control
  • Security
    • Windows Mobile Security
    • Application Level Security
    • Configuration Application Block & Password Authentication Block
  • Mobile Test Driven Development
    • Unit Testing
    • VSTS & Mobile Unit Tester
    • Mobile TDD
      • Why TDD?
      • TDD Cycle
      • Development styles
  • Putting it All Together
    • Guided walkthrough building a reference implementation


What I'm looking for are the answers to the following questions:

  1. Is this what you'd look for to learn about building LOB apps?
  2. Is there any topic that is missing?
  3. Is the length of the lab sufficient?
  4. What else would you expect from attending a Lab like this?
  5. Would you attend this lab if it was held virtually online as a Virtual Workshop?


Hope you can spend a few minutes to send me some feedback. Thanks in advance.