Microsoft has a huge campus in Redmond covering many different locations such as the Main Campus, Lakeridge, Red West, Millenium, Sammamish and others. In terms of size, Microsoft is considered to have the world's largest single location headquaters facility totalling 10 million sq ft of space! That's STUNNING.

One problem we have is getting from one building to another. The system they have in place is already really good, with a very intelligent system that routes shuttle request between buildings and making sure they maintain a certain service level. Most of the time, we get to where we want ontime. The system is also intelligent enough to hand-off requests from one shuttle to another. I would however like to improve it's "booking" system. Right now, we have to get to the receptionist and request to have a shuttle bring us from that building to another. The receptionist will quickly enter this into a web-based application and in 10 seconds will let you know what the shuttle number is and how long it will take to get to your location.

Take a look at this service the Brits and Irish have in their cities today.

I would like to see a "one-button" click solution built for Windows Mobile that allows me to hit one button on my cellphone and select which building I would like to go to and the phone will transmit my current location to the shuttle system via SMS. (probably linked to a location based service like

then the system will SMS back to me the shuttle number and estimated wait time. Simple and so usable.


don't you think so? oh, but before we get there, someone has to teach Americans that SMS or Texting is better than email, and works while you're on the phone or GPRS. ;)