I just got out of a Kick-off meeting for MEDC 2007. So soon? So fast? you might ask. Well, for an event of this size, planning usually starts 6-7months before. Events such as TechEd / PDC, planning starts right after the event ends!! Can't imagine the work those guys have to put in, no time to rest and celebrate.

This time round, there will be new blood in the team. All the Business and Content owners have changed, so has the logistics people. Derek is taking over my old role as Content Owner for MEDC 2007 and I'm sure he'll do a fantastic job.

We also have a world tour, so you can expect us to deliver content that you want to at least 8 countries around the world.  Details are still sketchy, but I'll post them up from time to time. Call for Papers will also begin pretty soon, Derek will let us know when it begins. So, in the meantime, start thinking of cool ideas for sessions or activities at MEDC 2007.

Post a comment if you have a cool idea you'd like to see at this event.