I have an executive presentation today at the Conference Center and one of the demos that I'll be presenting is a Line of Business Sales Force application that talks to a Dynamics AX backend. A sales person would use this application to help him/her take orders, manage routes etc. One of the features of this application is to be able to allow the Sales person to scan barcodes of products that are on the shelves that needed refilling and this has to be done in a very quick and efficient manner, no changing screens, clicking on drop down boxes etc.


I couldn't get my hands on one of those huge Symbol scanners but we managed to get an even more impressive product called the Flic Microvision Laser Barcode Scanner that is cordless and operates via Bluetooth. Thanks to the folks at Flic for helping us out. It's about the same size of a HTC Hermes.


Installation is a snap. Just install the Flic Wedge software on your PPC and use it to pair up the devices. After that you can configure how the scanner returns the information to your application, either with a carriage return at the end or not, or even a tab. Pretty flexible.

here's a picture of the demo in action:

The barcodes you see above are Code39 barcodes generated from here and here. Code 39 barcodes allow you to make barcodes out of any alphanumeric string.

Let's hope the Murphy doesn't visit me today.