Just installed Hubdog, a cool RSS reader with podcasting support. Thanks to our "friend" at msmobiles. Had a slight problem installing it, as it got stuck at the EULA screen for a while and wouldn't let me go "Next" because it kept on saying I need to accept the EULA before I proceed. I couldn't find the "Accept" button because I'm using a landscape smartphone and the button was hidden from view. Perhaps they should use ScreenLib or docking and anchoring for their forms.

anyway, the funny thing was, I spent so much time on the EULA screen that I actually came across this disclaimer:

You know what's funny? because it is so true! It's so common till they had to put it into the EULA. I catch myself doing it all the time especially when traffic is bad (which is almost every day in Redmond). Have to stop doing that :)

if you want to download it directly to your device, download the cab here : http://www.hubdog.com/HubdogDownload/Hubdog2.cab


Have a safe weekend all.