For those of you who has a landscape Windows Mobile device such as the HTC Excalibur (or T-Mobile Dash) or the Motorola Q, you can watch your favourite YouTube movies (or any FLV movies) easily on your device using the Vixy TinyTube transcoding service.

All you have to do is to give it a YouTube URL such as : and choose the format you want the resulting video file to be and save it on your machine.

Copy the file to your Windows Mobile device and view it using "The Core Pocket Media Player" (TCPMP), IMHO a much more versatile video player (and FAST too) than Media Player. You can download it here.

Video quality is top notch as the transcoding service encodes the video file into the right resolution and bitrate for your phone, without needing to worry about whether to use VBR or CBR etc.

Kudos to the TCPMP and the Vixy guys for enriching my slacking lifestyle.

 ** UPDATE: TinyTube is another great web-based online transcoding service which is very cool too. Point your mobile web browser to and you have the option to download Google Videos, Break,, metacafe, myspace and Veoh videos. (can't link to some of these as they're NSFW). They used to have YouTube support but not anymore, wonder what happened.