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Just some interesting stuff from my tour in Microsoft.

January, 2007

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Interesting stuff within MIcrosoft

I'll try to give you an inside look at what goes on in Microsoft as I continue to build my career in this company.



  • Backstage @ Robotics

    Virtual Earth Mobile 1.69 Available

    Jason Fuller finally updated Virtual Earth and added a few new features including: Map Dragging using Stylus Getting Text directions and fixed a bug here's his blog post on the Windows Mobile Team blog . Download it directly here: VirtualEarthMobile.CAB
  • Backstage @ Robotics

    Mobility and the Live Cloud - Webcasts

    In January, we are running four webcasts on the very interesting topic of getting Live services on the Windows Mobile device and how developers can make use of all the great APIs that the Live Platform offers and building creative mobile scenarios for...
  • Backstage @ Robotics

    Mount ISO on Vista RTM

    If you're like me, we keep a lot of our stuff (backups, movies, install disks) in a DVD/CD image format (ISO), here's a great way of mounting ISO images on Vista RTM and it's FREE. (I'm running Vista RTM and mounting a Vista RTM ISO image file. Hope I...
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