*exhale* phewww, finally. Now that Windows Mobile 6 is announced, we can be more open about it. As you know we've been putting a lot of work to improve a user's experience in the core Windows Mobile OS, but what exactly is available under the hood for developers?

Here's a list of features that we think developers will care about:

  • Platform in ROM - saves precious memory and improve performance
    • NET CF v2 SP1 in ROM
    • SQL Server Compact Edition in ROM
  • New APIs
    • Windows Ink Services for Pen (WISP) Lite
    • New Sound API - Plays MP3s and more
  • SDK Tools
    • Cellular Emulator
    • FakeServer
    • FakeGPS
    • Hopper
    • CabToolSigner
    • Security Configuration Manager
  • Platform unification investments 
    • Improve the experience for users who have to deal with a multitude of devices types and capabilities.

Over the course of the next few weeks, developers on our team will be blogging and producing a lot of materials and publishing them online, so make sure you add their blogs onto your RSS reader. You can find most of the blogs URLs from the blog-list on the left nav.

The definitive source for more in-depth information will be delivered at the next Mobile and Embedded Developers Conference in Las Vegas on the 1-3 of May 2007. Don't miss it and register now!.