How many of you blog from your mobile device? Not view, but POST.

Personally I've done this about 5 times mostly when there was a power outage all over Washington during the Windstorms a few months ago.

The experience left a stale taste in my mouth, perhaps I'm using a prototype blogging software that Mel Sampat cobbled up during his spare time. It works fine, just that, it's not rich enough and I doubt he'll be adding any new features to it. It's not his primary commitment anyway :)

I've tried Pocket SharpMT and it's COMPLICATED as hell to setup. It's powerful, but there were so many parameters and stuff you need to configure, just too daunting. I'm so afraid that I might set something up wrongly and next thing you know I have a million spam posts on my blog. *shudder*

I'm looking for a simple yet powerful client like the Windows Live Writer software for the PC. I wish the team built a mobile version of that for Windows Mobile devices.

There are a ton of mobile blogging software out there like KABLOG, BlogPlanet, FoneBlog, but for the Palm OS, Symbian or J2ME but nothing for Windows Mobile. Some uses email or SMS for blogging such as Blogger on the Go, Wordpress Mobile Plugin.

Or am I missing something? Anyone out there has a decent Mobile Blogging solution that supports most popular blogs (typepad, wordpress, community server, live spaces, blogger?) and can handle links, tags and pictures properly? and I'm not interested in WEB BASED blogging software, I prefer rich clients.

Anyone interested to build one if someone paid you to do it?